At Great Camping Adventures we receive a lot of questions about our camping at both Mogo Wildlife Park and in the Blue Mountains. This page has been created which should answer your questions. If there is a question that is not here please email bookings@greatcampingadventures.com.au and one of our team will reply.

This depends on where you choose to go camping. At Mogo Wildlife Park we do not offer camping every night, we only offer camping during school holidays and nominated weekends throughout the year. If you choose to go camping in the Blue Mountains you can choose whatever night you like, and this will then be subject to the camping grounds and our availability.

Unfortunately, pets are not permitted at either of our camping locations.

As we are BYO yes you can bring alcohol whether you are camping at Mogo Wildlife Park or in the Blue Mountains. Our team does not encourage excessive drinking and consumption is always monitored in the best interest of our guests.

Our business prides itself on ensuring our guests receive a full refund subject to our full refund policy which is contained on our website.

Due to Covid we supply soap and hand sanitiser. We have no concern if guests wish to bring their own individual soap or hand sanitiser.

Yes, on arrival all stretcher beds or in the cases mattresses for those that have chosen camping in the Blue Mountains will have sheets on them. All sheets are dry cleaned after every use. On arrival each guest will have a towel that is placed on their beds. This will be their towel for the remainder of their stay. At the conclusion of your camping adventure please place your towel in the supplied basket which can be found in the bathroom.

There are two answers to this question. Firstly, at Mogo Wildlife Park, our camping ground is not near the main building however we have invested heavily to ensure your camping experience is as comfortable as possible. We have bathroom facilities for both male and females at our camping grounds. In each bathroom we have a single shower. We ask guests that require a shower to limit their shower to a few minutes as we need to preserve water for other guests, and we are also limited for time. In the Blue Mountains, we have flush toilets available at the entrance to the park however on our camping ground we have environmental toilets. There are no shower facilities on our camping ground in the Blue Mountains unless you book a corporate event, and we can then bring in this facility.

NO, under no circumstances should any guest leave the camping site at Mogo Wildlife Park or in the Blue Mountains.

No. At Mogo Wildlife Park we have many guests that have booked our camping that are travelling around Australia. You can park your camper trailer or caravan in our nominated car parks however you must stay on our camp site in our tents for the evening. This is a strict rule that applies. If you wish to find a location to stay in your caravan or camper trailer you can choose one of the popular caravan parks on the South Coast. In the Blue Mountains caravans and camper trailers are not permitted on our camping grounds.

Yes, at Mogo Wildlife Park, we cater for vegetarians and other food requirements at both dinner and breakfast.

Yes, full entry is included into Mogo Wildlife Park. Please see the itinerary for full details.

Yes, if you and/or your family would like to book additional animal encounters for when you are at the Wildlife Park, you can do this by going onto the Mogo Wildlife Park website¬† www.mogozoo.com.au and selecting ‘animal encounters’.